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You better remember his name, cause this guy will run the game. Viva La Fame (Dellwood, St. Louis, Missouri) has been active as a rapper since 2007, as a member of the crew E.V.L. (Everlasting Versatile Lyricists). Together with his highschool friends he was coached by ‘Jay Love’.

“In life it ain’t about what happens to you, it’s about what you do when it happens to you”. This summons up who Viva La Fame is and what he believes in. No matter what setback he has. He will always take it in a positive way, and see the opportunities that those setbacks bring, rather than being bothered by the negative side of it. This whole mentality, which is a complete message that a lot of people need to hear, is present in all of his lyrics. Not alone does he create songs that the people want to hear. He also creates songs that people need to hear.

Inspired by artists as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle (R.I.P.), T.I., Lil Wayne and many more, Viva La Fame honors all of the greats and promises to continue the craftsmanship and passing on the legacy to the next generation.


Viva La Fame – Hall Of Fame (Full Album

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Upcoming album release (Hall Of Fame)

Upcoming album release (Hall Of Fame)

Upcoming album release (Hall Of Fame) For the last year Viva La Fame has been preparing himself to make an entry into the Rapgame, and made sure he will never look back.His whole aim and game is about pushing forward, delivering high value content, combined with...

Upcoming album release (Hall Of Fame)

Viva La Fame x Kenny Major

Official Dutch Management From today Viva La Fame and Kenny Major Media Productions have partnered up together. Kenny Major will be fully responsible for the overall management of all Viva La Fame related business in Europe, mainly in the Netherlands. Kenny Major's...